Our Demands

A Fossil Free Future

A Liveable City

A Just Society

A Fossil Free Future

  1. End all Fossil Fuel infrastructure
  2. Stop Shannon LNG

  3. Commit to and subsidise renewable energy infrastructure

  4. Implement the “Polluter Pays” principle to focus on companies rather than individuals

  5. Commit to and achieve full decarbonisation by 20xx (check with IPCC)

A Liveable City

  1. Make Dublin City walkable and accessible by Public Transport

  2. Increase the provision of green spaces

  3. Increase the rate and span of pedestrianisation of Dublin Streets

  4. Transform Dublin Transport into a green fleet and increase affordability

  5. Provide more Public Amenities e.g. bins, benches, drinking stations

A Just Society

  1. Support farmers in a transition to a sustainable practice

  2. Avoid putting the onus of change on consumers

  3. End Direct Provision

  4. Advocate to the EU for human rights, an end to the exploitation of MAPA,  and an end to the use of fossil fuels

  5. Invest in and support sustainable alternatives to support individuals

  6. Legislate for climate rights, and provide for the acceptance of climate refugees

  7. Implement Education for Sustainable Development